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In order to succeed in getting our music in front of people who are interested in hearing it we need to know essential business skills such as marketing and networking. Many artists forget this. Relationships with conductors don’t form overnight, and your first few commissions will likely come from people you already know, or people only one degree removed from you. Ask the performer for a timeline for the new composition, and stick to those deadlines. Get your first clients by offering discounted commissions or other bonuses. I leave almost every episode with at least one concrete thing I can tweak or try in my own practice, promotion, business, or approach otherwise. Do your best to cultivate a friendship with conductors you like; rather than a one-off job opportunity, you’re nurturing a life-long working relationship. Discussion. The hardest part of getting a first commission can be accepting that it just takes time. After you’ve identified some likely candidates, today’s technology makes it easy for you to familiarize yourself with their music. Uncommissionable? You don’t have to be rich to commission a piece of music. How to take commissions: The dos and don'ts. If you’re intrigued and want more insight into the commissioning process, please read on. Commissions can run from several hundred dollars to many thousands. We also run events on fundraising – look out for emails promoting events in your area and check the events page on our website. share. It's also a good idea to keep a list in your commission-journal of who you are currently working for and how the commissions … I was going to do so much more with this. Thank you for this series, Garrett! While commissions do depend on the timing being right for a conductor and their ensemble, there are actions you can take in the meantime to greatly increase the odds of getting a commission. Those who have your art displayed in their homes often show it off to their friends, who may want a similar piece. 1 Apple Music commissions are calculated based on the subscription type (Individual Membership, Family Membership, Student Membership) and local market rate. How to commission? A must-listen podcast for composers, performers, or any independent artist. A simple search on Google will also yield considerable information that will be helpful for you. It’s also important to remember that this process involves negotiation between you and the composer, so don’t be afraid to initiate the conversation. Often, composing for friends and colleagues leads to future commissions from these very same performers down the line, when they are more established in their own careers and in the position to be funding new works. Thanks! Sold artworks can be considered advertisements for future purchased artworks. There, you can notify people of what you can be commissioned for and for how much. Connecting music labels, managers and artists with a creative community across video, design, photography and digital Bravo to Garrett Hope for creating this much needed and well curated hub of knowledge for our community. They’re going to work with you when the timing is right on their end, and this can take years. Start taking commissions from your fans in just a few minutes. The episodes range from 30–60 minutes, but it's always the most riveting, inspiring, thought-provoking hour of my day/drive. Here are a few reasons I love the show: *The consistent format serves to highlight the content, trends, and differences between each guest. It felt, to be honest, a little like the idea of dating does when you’re young. Concert Music Commissions Commissioning Contracts There are no absolute rules when it comes to negotiating a commissioning fee, however factors such as a project’s overall budget, how integral the music will be to the project, and of course the complexity of the work commissioned all come into play with regards to the final figure. By commissioning music—paying composers to write a new piece for a specific purpose or event—individuals or organizations become active participants in the creation of a legacy of music for the future. Individuals often arrange for a Fiscal Agency through a non-profit like the American Composers Forum, and I can provide more information about that process. When you add them up and average it out, they take you an average of 30 minutes to complete. *The guests span a pretty diverse range, and it's great to see how different kinds of people of different ages and experience levels, with different interests, abilities, and dictates carve out their own careers. How to Sell Commissions on DeviantArt. It is customary that the commissioner is given a presentation copy of the completed score, almost always specially inscribed by the composer. I used to be utterly perplexed by how to go about getting a commission. It is standard practice that composers retain the rights to their own work, and so the legal ownership of the piece (the copyright) remains with the composer. Sometimes it takes several years for the stars to align for a single project with right players, right composer, right commissioner, right performances. A wonderful podcast and a great resource! Other composers got commissions. Our Adopt a Composer scheme for member groups is fully funded and a great way to get involved with new music – see the next page for more details. Commissioning is a process. The vast majority of composers have websites that include sound files and sample scores, as well as contact information. It can feel like maybe they’re less likely to work with you again, as if you’ve used up your one chance with that ensemble. Give them time, and keep—casually, not overwhelmingly—in touch. This podcast is an excellent resource for composers at all stages of their careers. The cost depends on the size of the new composition (whether it is written for a soloist, chamber group or large ensemble), the length of the composition, and the reputation and career level of the composer. It is composers talking shop to other composers, addressing the issues that matter to our careers. I'd like to get my first commission in my late teens but I don't know where to start. Commissions form an important financial pillar that supports many composers’ careers, but negotiating compensation is often an uncomfortable topic. So for example, you might do 5 sketches that take between 20 and 40 minutes each to complete. You should be aware that the commission amount will often include the composer’s fee for writing the music as well as a second amount for the copyist/engraver who prepares the final score and performance parts. You don’t have to be a musician, play an instrument or be able to carry a tune. It's easy, just get in touch here! Copyright 2015 – 2018 Composer on Fire, LLC | DBA The Portfolio Composer | All Rights Reserved, 5 Reasons to Invest in Your Music Business Knowledge, Ep 60-Alex Shapiro Pt 1 on Self Publishing and Consortiums, Ep 77-Daniel Spreadbury on Dorico & The Future of Notation Software, Ep 233-Jason Graves on Investing in Your Career for the Long Term, Ep 232-Matt Morton on The Composer as Producer, Kickstarter Miniseries: Christopher Tin on To Shiver The Sky Part 3. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have concerning my pricing structure. Stay in touch with those who have already performed your music. Decide what you will sell. All you need is a love of music. What a wonderful way to use composers as resources for others! I promise to deliver high-quality free content through the podcast and newsletter that will help you build your career as a composer. Here are the steps to a flawless commission, one of the best ways to make money. Another factor to consider is how soon the selected composer is available to begin work on your project, which is an important topic for your initial conversation with the composer. By taking the time from his own life as a composer to offer the rest of us a window on how our peers work, Garrett is a truly wonderful musical citizen! -Be sure when deciding prices that you are at least making the wage you want to per hour. The competitions below are conducted in cooperation with the AGO Committee on New Music and the donors as approved by the National Council. Please check the submission rules before submitting anything. Hey Garrett, again, this is so generous—to offer contemporary composers, conductors, and innovative thinkers in the new music field, the opportunities to talk about music. While you’re waiting for a first paid commission, ask the musician friends and acquaintances that you think are particularly talented if you can write a new piece for them. Dale was featured in Ep 38 of the Composer on Fire podcast. I compose bagpipe music for corporate and private occasions, creating unique and … Then average out your times for that kind of work. Music Commissions. I think this is such innovative and important work. Whether you're here to … A large orchestral work for your local symphony might take two years—but regardless of the size, planning in important. I want to commission a new piece. Call me and let’s talk about your event or celebration. Recent music commissions include: Spoken Words Broken Swords For the public memorial for Australian actor and playwright, Bille Brown, Timothy was commissioned to compose underscoring music as the poem Spoken Words Broken Swords was recited by the poet, Bréon George Rydell. You might learn that the composer is too busy to take on another commission, or that you can’t agree on the fee for the project, or some other information that will impact your final decision—but you’ll still have benefited from organizing your thoughts so you can articulate the project you have in mind as well as hearing the composer’s perspective and reactions. You can even add: “—if and when the timing is right.”. A simple song for a birthday gift might take as little as a few days. As a podcast aficionado who already has a long playlist of my tried and true favorites, I didn't anticipate this one completely knowing the others out of the water. It's not just a monolithic image of what a composer needs to be. Not a bad way to make some money… if you’ve got the stones for it… Ko-fi Commissions is a super simple way to let fans buy unique, original work created just for them. As someone who is at the pointy end of managing commissions for Musica Viva, I’d just like to add a cautionary note about time. Manager commissions & payments in the music business Most managers should be compensated anywhere from 15% to 20%. 0 comments. It's not just BS, generic, arrogant sound bites from people not wanting to discuss the nitty gritty; the guests are great about giving valuable, honest perspectives. Ultimately, there isn’t any magic formula for getting a first commission, short of time + good work + maintaining relationships. New Music Competitions & Commissions Competitions for new music are an important part of the Guild’s commitment to the future of organ and choral music. That way, you won’t need to offer your services for such cheap prices. My very first commission was from the Orange County Women’s Chorus. Email once or twice a year asking if they’d be interested in seeing some of your newest pieces. It usually isn’t until your work is know on a bigger scale that people will contact you out of the blue wanting to commission you. It doesn’t have to be an artistic director, or a well-established performer—it can be anyone who is motivated to enrich the world with a new piece of music. Most of all, the commissioner experiences a satisfying sense of participation in the creation of a new work of music. You may already have a composer in mind, based on music of theirs you’ve heard, or you can solicit recommendations from the musicians or conductor who will be performing the piece. Maybe no one else would ever want to work with me again. Id appreciate it if you could give me some tips :) thanks. Music Commission Prices. I want my free content to be better than other people's paid-for content. In the year between those two commissions, I wondered whether perhaps the first one was a fluke. Proudly created with If you keep creating excellent work, though—and you gently remind the people you’d love to work with that this excellent work exists—your first commission will be right around the corner. Choose a composer whose music moves you and who can write for the occasion and the instrumentation you have in mind. Each request is negotiated and a quote to be written and agreed upon. Decide what sizes you will offer, what media, ect. From the moment of inspiration to the exciting premiere performance, there are decisions to be made, ideas to explore, and memorable moments when the commissioner, composer, and performers collaborate to give birth to the new work. Building a successful career as a freelance composer is possible and thinking like an entrepreneur will help composers make a living writing music. Music Commissions. There are as many reasons for commissioning a new piece of music: If you are interested in learning more about the process of commissioning a new piece, please contact me at and I’ll be happy to speak with you. How on earth did people get commissions? A good rule of thumb is to allow 18–24 months from the signing of an agreement until the work has been completed and is ready to be given to the musicians to prepare for performance. This is how I get most of my commissions, simply by making my art more visible. Many commissioning relationships will start with an ensemble performing a piece you’ve written and then deciding to commission a new work a year or so later. I believe that composers are self-employed small business owners. This post was orginally posted on the MusicSpoke blog. Tailor each piece specifically to the strengths of the soloist or ensemble for whom you are writing. Making Music: we have a number of resources on fundraising. Original bagpipe music composed for your special celebration or event How to get your music What can be more Scottish than the skirl of the bagpipes! Much like dating, getting a commission just sort of happens when you connect with the right person at the right time. *The host, Garrett Hope, has ample experience as both a working composer and as someone who has spoken with hundreds of composers about their own career experiences, so he really knows what questions to ask and which subjects to delve into. *Practical, specific recommendations. Because so many of my tracks are licensed exclusively, I have to make sure they’re not available on places like Soundcloud for anyone to just download and use without a license. Apple Music is currently available in nearly 200 countries. Commissions and Payments. Really enjoyed doing a segment with you and the exchange of thoughts in talking with you about my reflections about being a composer and the paths taken toward releasing this orchestral CD, Dream Vapors. What if you’re undatable? However, the commissioner is acknowledged in many ways—on the first page of the musical score, on any official recording, in the performance program and often in other written materials. It really helps to have a composer asking questions to another composer. Commissions can run from several hundred dollars to many thousands. I focus mainly on music licensing nowadays, and I get a lot of custom work from people who licensed one of my tracks and then request changes, then they become long term clients. Prices in NZD. There are also non-composer guests as well, which is helpful, because we composers obviously need to be aware of other colleagues (like performers)! Especially if you are still in school, relish this time to write exactly the music you want to write, without restrictions or worrying whether you’re being paid enough. Use that to build trust with other clients. Treat each opportunity to write for someone you know like a professional commission. Easy enough, right? Relationships with conductors don’t form overnight, and your first few commissions will likely come from people you already know, or people only one degree removed from you. Commissioning a piece of music doesn’t take any special skill or knowledge of music. How can I get commissions? Final products of music commissions will include an .mp3 file with the song looped a few times and a .wav or .ogg file if desired. It's run by a wonderful composer and he has wonderful guests of the highest level. If you're posting on these social media platforms regularly, and your work is appealing, there's a good chance you'll get contacted and the work will come to you instead. In terms of helpfulness, this podcast is a must for composers today. I don't even know where to start describing how incredible and important this podcast is. If you have any interest in composing, song writing, or the process of music making from start to finish you need to subscribe to this podcast. A choral director I sang with in undergrad had emailed the OCWC’s director, Eliza Rubenstein, to introduce us both and say that I was moving to Southern California. I also have online courses and am available for speaking and coaching. You don’t have to be rich to commission a piece of music. By Tom May 05 May 2020. Unfortunately, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder had a different idea. Ultimately, there isn’t any magic formula for getting a first commission, short of time + good work + maintaining relationships. They will list a 9x12 commission at $20 but it will take them 4 hours to complete. It is so well thought out and executed—a total class act. The flat fee pricing structure is in place to make your commissioning experience simple and affordable. To help composers with the business end of writing music through mindset, marketing, and business skills. You know a specific composer and have the desire to support their creative activities; You have a favorite music ensemble or performing arts organization and would like to give them a new work to perform; You want to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, friend or family member with a new piece; You are excited to hear something you helped bring to life be performed; You want to support the talented people who have enriched your life. Get commissions by word of mouth Word of mouth is probably one of the best ways to get commissioned art projects. It can feel like something that everyone else but you knows how to do. I'm in my early teens, and I am finding more and more composers my age who are already getting commissions for music. It takes between 20-25 hours to compose 4-6-minutes of music ($50-60/hour roughly). Through the preparation he does for each interview, and the intelligence of the resulting conversations, Garrett has created a tremendous archive that will encourage and inspire countless music-makers. Thanks for this wonderful gift you're giving to the new music world! If someone you know says they want to work with you, trust them. It depends on a number of things. I love it. Relationships with conductors don’t form overnight, and your first few commissions will likely come from people you already know, or people only one degree removed from you. Once you’ve finished their commissions, ask them to write you a testimonial or praise. *Each episode really flies by. "Commissioning Music: A Basic Guide" continues to provide a baseline at which to begin the conversation. The more people who see it, the greater the chance I'll get a new customer. In fact, the exact opposite is true; if a conductor loves your work and has the means to commission you, they will commission and program your work multiple times. After that first commission, it was over a year before I received another one, from a conductor who’d pursued his doctorate at the University of Maryland while I was an undergraduate there. To let everyone know you’re taking commissions, it’s a good idea to have a commission-journal. The process usually begins with identifying the composer you want to work with, as well as the musicians who will be performing the piece you’re commissioning. r/Music_Commissions: A subreddit for commissioning music. Manage commission types, available slots, set your terms and get paid in advance directly into your PayPal. Before we get into the details of how to sell your music, create a strategy first. One simple phrase that communicates that you’d love to work with someone in the future: “I’d love to write a piece for you.” This puts the ball is in their court without straight-up asking for a commission. What a detailed and interesting article, thank you. It is possible to request that your track not be a loop and instead have a clear beginning, middle, and end. This was, mind you, after years of seeing other composers get commissions and feeling completely baffled by the whole process. Contact candidate composers or their publisher to request samples of their music. I wanted commissions. A must-listen for anyone working within the field. That wasn’t true, of course. Anyone can commission a new work. Use a clock or a kitchen timer to measure how long each piece takes. © 2016 Rebecca Lawrence. Commissions: 20 assigned downloads, like MP3 Quit Your Job Home Business System - How to Make Money Online - Volume 1 from music If you are more interested in that instead of … I make such a broad spectrum of music really willing to try to make anything so please just ask and I will see If it is something within my skill set. Anyone can commission music, and any type of music can be commissioned. While commissions do depend on the timing being right for a conductor and their ensemble, there are actions you can take in the meantime to greatly increase the odds of getting a commission. But there are a few managers out there who will want 25% to … Once your music is ready to go, making your songs available for sale online is the easy part. Anonymous said: How do I get money to get commissions Answer: I hear the Fighter’s Guild is recruiting. Before you’ve dated someone, the very idea of having a boyfriend or girlfriend feels insurmountable, something that might just never happen. Eliza wrote back saying that if I wanted to pass along some work samples, her chorus was looking for a composer to commission and could consider me for that opportunity. The real trick is creating a strategy including when to sell your music online, and what tools to use to maximize revenue. Setting up Commissions. Deviantart is a great place for artists of all skill levels to make some money. Where do I start? Garrett Hope's series gives a wonderfully colorful and dynamic insight into the world of new music, featuring many important and diverse voices in the community today. Get in Touch! Even then, they often know someone who’s worked with you in the past. It can be, but only when a nonprofit organization is part of the project. An archive recording may be provided as well.

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