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The pricing decision is potentially a very complex one because it often has to adjust to the requirements of different groups within the firm. Identifying these factors that influence competitive advantage in banking sector will contribute to practitioner’s understanding of the practical factor that are related to achieving competitive advantage. Advertising of the product at lower prices. Results: The study found that quality of service or/and management, corporate social responsibility, strategy formulation, (electronic) marketing innovation and creativity, among others are factors influencing competitive advantage in the banking sector. Factors influencing sustainable competitive advantage among cut flower companies. This study has two-pronged contributions; first, it presents a broad view of competitive advantage as an organization construct and its measuring dimensions in relationship with its role in a conceptual model. The strongest forms of competitive advantage come from business model innovation and management innovation. Research design is a systematically-arranged plans or procedures based on certain assumptions, to answer the study’s research questions14. The production factors that can be a source of competitive advantage are: 1. The SLR consists of review protocol which specifies the topic to be researched and the method customized in conducting the review. Target market segmentation. These are the essences of banking sector’s support to national economic growth and development and why attaining competitive advantage has always been the priority of the actors in the sector. Factors influencing competitive advantage The competitive advantage of Tesco Plc has a significant impact on its operational efficiency, profitability and customer base[ CITATION Pau141 \l 1033 ]. Competitive Advantage. By nature, production implies conversion of inputs into value added output as per consumer specifications. Conclusion: Competitive advantage can be conceptualized with measurable financial and/or non-financial dimensions and tested in future empirical studies for model fitness. J. The definition of competitive advantage provided by Ward and Peppard5, being a broad concept that deals with business engineering process (BRP) in view of ensuring organizations are edges over their competitors is acceptable. Cost Leader Planning the review, conducting the review and reporting the review are other phases of the SLR method. It is against this backdrop that this study is conducted to identify the factors that influence competitive advantage in banking organizations and conceptualized the construct through both financial and non-financial perspectives. It is the main strategy of detecting relevant literature review and how information is obtained from the primary study. March 2019 . This notable disparity in the conceptualization and operationalization of competitive advantage, more specifically in the narrow context of banking sector, motivated this study. S Factors Influencing Competitive Advantage within the Beer Manufacturing Sector in Kenya: A Case Study of East Africa Breweries Limited The SLR usually defines the review protocol by specifying the topic to be researched and the method customized in conducting the review. Factors Affecting Sustainability Of A Competitive Advantage : The obsolescence of a core competence, the basis of the value creating strategy, as a result of environmental changes is considered a Factor Affecting Sustainability Of A Competitive Advantage. The SLR is a method of identifying, evaluating and interpreting available information regarding a research topic, topical questions or interest15,16. This provides a more expansive content of antecedent factors of competitive advantage in banking sectors, compared to what was reported by Heywood and Kenley21, Giudice and Peruta23, Militaru and Ionescu30, Mimosette and Djeumene34, Barrett et al.9, Majeed11, Prescott19 and Kraja and Osmani31, among others. Competitive advantage comes about from general elements described in competitive advantage and from types of innovation described in innovation.The strongest forms of competitive advantage come from business model innovation and management innovation.Below are categories of questions to prompt creative thinking of the possibilities for creating a competitive advantage with a business … Factors influencing sustainable competitive advantage among cut flower companies. SME third-party logistics Thus, in-depth research in the area of influencing factors of competitive advantage progression on third-party logistics is still lag. Primary and secondary data for the study were collected from furniture The concept of competitive advantage has received considerable interest from researchers. The field of production has, therefore certain areas where the firm can have core competency and, therefore, competitive advantage. DEVANDRAN MUTHU . The three main phases in SLR are (a) Planning the review, (b) Conducting the review and (c) Reporting the review16. FACTORS INFLUENCING SUSTAINED COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AMONG TELECOMMUNICATION FIRMS IN MALAYSIA. View Factors_Influencing_Competitive_Advantage_in_Banki.pdf from BUSINESS MISC at University of Malta. Competitive advantages that accrue from scale typically refer to supply-side advantages, such as the purchasing power of a large restaurant or retail chain. Table 1 presents the PICOC review method as it relates with this study. It is also similar to comparative advantage, but not identical in nature.

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