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• Akiva said to him, "I am that man". For other uses, see. May 30, 2017 #2. The masses, rich and poor, turned out when he came home to Jerusalem. Rabbi Akiva died a martyr's death at the hands of the Romans in the early years of the second century of the Common Era. Rabbi Akiva was a leading contributor to the Mishnah and to Midrash halakha. Akiva, however, was not to be turned from his purpose; he sought the son of the tax-gatherer and labored long and assiduously in teaching him the word of God. The Talmud (tractate Yevomot 72b) tells us that after they died, Rabbi Akiva when to the south and there he taught five students and from these five students the Torah as we have it today was spread. [3], It might be thought that with the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem—which event made an end of Sadduceeism—the halakhic Midrash would also have disappeared, seeing that the Halakha could now dispense with the Midrash. Another source of his wealth was said to be a large sum of money borrowed from a heathen woman, a matrona. [29] During his travels, it is probable that he visited other places having important Jewish communities. Akiva, being sick, could not return the money at the time appointed; but his bondsmen did not leave him in the lurch. Rabbi Akiva, as a young man, did not know a word of Torah. [68] The Mishna of Akiva, as his pupil Rabbi Meir had taken it from him, became the basis of the Six Orders of the Mishna. [3], But he is far from representing strict justice as the only attribute of God: in agreement with the ancient Israel theology of the מדת הדין, "the attribute of justice", and מדת הרחמים, "the attribute of mercy,"[3][54] he teaches that God combines goodness and mercy with strict justice. At the same time, it is fair to consider the Mishnah of Judah ha-Nasi (called simply "the Mishnah"), as well as the majority of all halakhic Midrashim now extant, as derived from the school of Akiva. [84] For similar reasons, Akiva comes near abolishing the Biblical ordinance of Kil'ayim; nearly every chapter in the treatise of that name contains a mitigation by Akiva. [3][40] Rebbe Akiva's modern day tomb is located in Tiberias. "Almost none," replied the deceased; "for I understand that my sufferings will end only when I have a pious son. [16], Akiva is reported to have had a rabbinic relationship with Rabban Gamaliel dated to before their trip to Rome. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. "Is there no help for you?" Today in Orthodox circles where socializing among the sexes is not common, this practice continues, and in all branches of Judaism, a rabbi who can help in this arena will not hesitate to do so. In the language of the Torah nothing is mere form; everything is essence. [27], In 95–96, Akiva was in Rome,[3][28] and some time before 110 he was in Nehardea. In all that time he did not once return home, for he and Rachel agreed that he would not come back until he felt he had finished his studies. Rabbi Akiva had a second great handicap. Horrified, Moses demands God explain His actions, at which point God commands Moses to be silent and respect His judgement. SCHEDULE. He considered friendly intercourse with these semi-Jews as desirable on political as well as on religious grounds, and he permitted—in opposition to tradition—not only eating their bread,[81] but also eventual intermarriage. The example of his colleagues and friends, Elisha ben Abuyah, Ben Azzai, and Ben Zoma strengthened him still more in his conviction of the necessity of providing some counterpoise to the intellectual influence of the non-Jewish world. When Turnus Rufus, as he is called in Jewish sources, ordered Akiva's execution, Akiva is said to have recited his prayers calmly, though suffering agonies; and when Rufus asked him whether he was a sorcerer, since he felt no pain, Akiva replied, "I am no sorcerer; but I rejoice at the opportunity now given to me to love my God 'with all my life,' seeing that I have hitherto been able to love Him only 'with all my means' and 'with all my might,'" and began reciting the Shema, with the word "[G-d is] One!" The Talmud then asks what happened that so many of Rabbi Akiva's students should die in such a small period of time and it answers because they did not give each other the proper … The night, however, was as bright as the finest summer's day. [3][96] This legend has been somewhat elaborately treated in Yiddish. But he was not opposed to a private reading of the Apocrypha,[3] as is evident from the fact that he himself makes frequent use of Sirach. Besides Eliezer, Akiva studied under Joshua ben Hananiah[6] and Nachum Ish Gamzu. After fasting 40 days and praying to God to bless his efforts, he heard a heavenly voice (bat kol) asking, "Why do you go to so much trouble on behalf of this person?" He is also sometimes credited with redacting Abraham's version of the Sefer Yetzirah, one of the central texts of Jewish mysticism. Join Rabbi David Sedley as explores the life and times of Rabbi Akiva, who grew up a shepherd and did not start learning Torah until after age 40. The motive behind this marriage is not given. Accompanied by twenty-four thousand students, Rabbi Akiva returned home in a triumphant journey from city to city, welcomed everywhere by the highest nobility. However, Moses' spirit was revived when a student asked Akiva the source of a law, and Akiva replied "A law to Moses at Sinai". Ultimately, having successfully spared the lives of thousands, the rabbi was heralded. • Mi Yodeya is a question and answer site for those who base their lives on Jewish law and tradition and anyone interested in learning more. It was to be feared that the Jews, by their facility in accommodating themselves to surrounding —even then a marked characteristic—might become entangled in the net of Grecian philosophy, and even in that of Gnosticism. Akiva is referred to as Akiva ben Yosef haGer in a Jewish text from the Middle Ages. His five main students were Judah bar Ilai, Rabbi Meir, Rabbi Eleazar ben Shammua, Jose ben Halafta and Shimon bar Yochai. [98], "Akiva" redirects here. It is believed that he died during the Bar Kochba Revolt in 132 CE, but his date of birth is unclear, as the only sources for his life appear in the Talmud Pronounced: TALL-mud, Origin: Hebrew, the set of teachings and commentaries o… [3][38], The version in the Babylonian Talmud tells it as a response of Akiva to his students, who asked him how he could yet offer prayers to God. [3][26] Various rabbinic texts testify to his personal qualities, such as benevolence and kindness toward the sick and needy. Rabbi Tarfon was considered as one of Akiva's masters,[8] but the pupil outranked his teacher and he became one of Akiva's greatest admirers. some deep reference to philosophical and ethical doctrines, Akiva perceived in them indications of many important ceremonial laws, legal statutes, and ethical teachings. [42], A tannaitic tradition mentions that of the four who entered paradise, Akiva was the only one that returned unscathed. [3][65], Aquila, meanwhile, was a disciple of Akiva and, under Akiva's guidance, gave the Greek-speaking Jews a rabbinical Bible. [3][93], This was not the only occasion on which Akiva was made to feel the truth of his favorite maxim ("Whatever God does, He does for the best"). [3], But this was not sufficient to obviate all threatening danger. [7] He was on equal footing with Gamaliel II, whom he met later. ", This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 22:16. [17] Returning at the end of twelve years accompanied by 12,000 disciples, on the point of entering his home he overheard his wife say to a neighbor who was critical of his long absence: "If I had my wish, he should stay another twelve years at the academy." [3], If the older Halakha is to be considered as the product of the internal struggle between Phariseeism and Sadduceeism, the Halacha of Akiva must be conceived as the result of an external contest between Judaism on the one hand and Hellenism and Hellenistic Christianity on the other. In either case it would help explain why Akiva did not learn to read Hebrew when he was a child. Akiva ben Yosef (written עקיבא‎ aqívā in the Babylonian Talmud and עקיבה‎ aqívāh in the Jerusalem Talmud) was of humble parentage. Akiva: Ascension to Prominence. His death--with the Shema on his lips--became the model for martyrs . [3][76], He thus gave the Jewish mind not only a new field for its own employment, but, convinced both of the immutability of Holy Scripture and of the necessity for development in Judaism, he succeeded in reconciling these two apparently hopeless opposites by means of his remarkable method. Rufus had hoped to drive Akiva into a corner by his strange question; for he expected quite a different answer and intended to compel Akiva to admit the wickedness of circumcision. It has nothing superfluous; not a word, not a syllable, not even a letter. When Akiva went to study, he did … the father suddenly appeared to Akiva and overwhelmed him with thanks for his deliverance from the pains of hell through the merit of his son. Hurcanus was a neighbor of Yosef, the father of Akiva. When her father found out she was secretly betrothed[15] to an unlearned man, he was furious. The neighbors very freely expressed their opinion that the deceased and his wife deserved to inhabit the infernal regions for all time—the latter because she had not even performed brit milah for the child. Without crossing the threshold, Akiva went back to the academy. He saw his moment – and he changed his life right then and there. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. This probably would have been the case had not Akiva created his own Midrash, by means of which he was able "to discover things that were even unknown to Moses. [32] A baraita[33] states that Akiva suffered martyrdom on account of his transgression of Hadrian's edicts against the practice and the teaching of the Jewish religion, being sentenced to die by Turnus Rufus in Caesarea. He was executed by the Romans in the aftermath of the Bar Kokhba revolt. The story of his death is recorded in masechet Brachot (61b) in connection with the mitzvah of loving G-d—something Rabbi Akiva was able to do despite, or might we … Your IP: When, in the course of his travels, he reached the place, Akiva sought for information concerning the man's family. He was known in the Talmud simply as Rabbi Eliezer although there are references to him as Rabbi Eliezer the great. [3][11] Akiva also lived for some time at Ziphron,[12] modern Zafran[13] near Hamath. Rabbi Akiva (sometimes spelled Akiba) is considered to be one of the greatest rabbinic sages, yet the biographical details of his life remain somewhat of a mystery. "[3][53] For, in spite of his philosophy, Akiva was an extremely strict and national Jew. Another Talmudic story is told about Rabbi Akiva that … [3], What was Rabbi Akiva like? Akiva asked him, "Would you have made your vow if you had known that he would become a great scholar?" [62] Akiva stoutly defended, however, the canonicity of the Song of Songs, and Esther. During the first 40 years of his life he was unlettered and unschooled.Imagine! The greatest tannaim of the middle of the second century came from Akiva's school, notably Rabbi Meir, Judah bar Ilai, Simeon bar Yochai, Jose ben Halafta, Eleazar ben Shammai, and Rabbi Nehemiah. It is Rabbi Akiva’s capacity to persevere in the worst of times, and to do so with supreme optimism, that distinguishes him as the “greatest of the Rabbis.” The Thirty-third of the Omer thus celebrates Rabbi Akiva’s resoluteness, despite an extraordinary setback, to forge a new beginning for the Jewish people. From the prizewinning Jewish Lives series, a compelling and lucid account of the life and teachings of a founder of rabbinic Judaism and one of the most beloved heroes of Jewish history Born in the Land of Israel around the year 50 C.E., Rabbi Akiva was the greatest rabbi of his time and one of the most important influences on Judaism as we know it today. The Talmud relates that once Elijah the prophet assumed the guise of a poor man and came to their door to beg some straw for a bed for his wife[3] after she had given birth. From there he went on to become one of the greatest Tannaim of his generation, with many legends and stories telling about his position as teacher and his part in the Bar Kochba revolt against the Romans. The death of Akiva is usually rendered as some redacted form of three separate versions of the circumstances. These examples will suffice to justify the opinion that Akiva was the man to whom Judaism owes preeminently its activity and its capacity for development. Both Tosafot and the Ran tell us that, when Rabbi Akiva saw her magnificent beauty, … Kalba Sabua, too, was among those who tried to get close to the master. Rabbi Akiva added to Rabbi Chanina’s testimony by stating, "Kohanim had no problem burning oil that was only slightly ritually impure in a lamp that was more ritually impure." If you are a slave and have a harsh master, I will buy you from him. When Moses asks God what the pious Akiva's reward will be, he is shown the aftermath of his execution. Q:Well, I want to ask you this. 'My master,' said he, 'you have revived me!' [3][94], Another legend according to which the gates of the infernal regions opened for Akiva is analogous to the more familiar tale that he entered paradise and was allowed to leave it unscathed. Akiva ben Yosef (written עקיבא‎ aqívā in the Babylonian Talmud and עקיבה‎ aqívāh in the Jerusalem Talmud) was of humble parentage. Akiva replied: "Undoubtedly man's work is the better, for while nature at God's command supplies us only with the raw material, human skill enables us to elaborate the same according to the requirements of art and good taste." Q: Rabbi Miller, I want you to know, I walked an hour and fifteen minutes to this Torah class today and I very rarely do that. Instead our sages chose to first ascribe it to a loss of kavod as a powerful reminder of what can happen to us when we forget how to conduct discourse grounded in honor and respect. So did Rabbi Akiva; he arranged the Torah rings by rings. He returned twelve years later escorted by 24,000 disciples. When his wife went out to greet him, some of his students, not knowing who she was, sought to restrain her. [3][34] As this story credits the execution to religious rather than political reasons, it may be evidence against Akiva's having a role in the revolt. [48] In his earnest endeavors to insist as strongly as possible upon the incomparable nature of God, Akiva indeed lowers the angels somewhat to the realms of mortals, and (alluding to Psalms 78:25) maintains that manna is the actual food of the angels. At last, after the twelfth year, Rabbi Akiva returned. [92] In one case, his success as a teacher led his wealthy father-in-law Kalba Savua to acknowledge such a distinguished son-in-law and to support him. Akiva persevered until his pupil was able to officiate as reader in the synagogue; and when there for the first time he recited the prayer, "Bless the Lord!" [3] Some modern scholars argue that Akiva's thousands of students died fighting for Bar Kochba, but this opinion was first formulated by Nachman Krochmal around 200 years ago and has no earlier source. As the fundamental principle of his system, Akiva enunciates his conviction that the mode of expression used by the Torah is quite different from that of every other book. Thank you May 5, 2017 5:00 pm at 5:00 pm #1270479 iacisrmmaParticipant He was one of the asarah harugei hamalchus that is … [3] But Akiva exclaimed, "Let her alone; for what is mine and yours, is hers" (she deserves the credit for our Torah study). Supporter. "Toward a Profile of a Tanna, Aqiba ben Joseph. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Both state that one can add to the already existing impurity when the food is anyway being destroyed? For R. Akiva, nothing is to be taken for granted. Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered When did R' 'Akiva see his … [21], Once he was called upon to decide between a dark-skinned king and the king's wife; the wife having been accused of infidelity after bearing a white child. [3][95] There exists the following tradition: Akiva once met a coal-black man carrying a heavy load of wood and running with the speed of a horse. [55] Hence his maxim, referred to above, "God rules the world in mercy, but according to the preponderance of good or bad in human acts. The condition of the Halakah, that is, of religious praxis, and indeed of Judaism in general, was a very precarious one at the turn of the 1st century of the common era. The rabbi, before disseminating the communal edicts, worked in concert with medical experts and local governmental authorities. When morning dawned he learned how true his words were. "Because he is just the kind to work for," was the prompt answer. Like Philo,[75] who saw in the Hebrew construction of the infinitive with the finite form of the same verb and in certain particles (adverbs, prepositions, etc.) When Akiva married the daughter of Ben Kalba Sabua, a wealthy citizen of Jerusalem, Akiva was an uneducated shepherd in Ben Kalba Sabua's employ. He had to go with his young child to school to learn to read the Hebrew alphabet. The first online international convention of World Bnei Akiva 17 January 2021 at 3PM Israel Time. He is referred to in the Talmud as Rosh la-Hakhamim "Chief of the Sages". The opposition offered by the Sadducees (which became especially strenuous in the first century BC) led to the development the halakhic midrash, whose purpose was to deduce these amplifications of the Law, by tradition and logic, out of the Law itself. [41] Annually, on the night of Lag BaOmer, Boston Chassidim and local residents gather at the tomb of Rebbe Akiva to light a bonfire, a tradition reinstated by the Bostoner Rebbe in 1983. 43,367 +9,295 United States … Later, when Akiva arrived to discharge his indebtedness, the matrona not only refused to accept the money, but insisted upon Akiva's receiving a large share of what the sea had brought to her. Traditional sources tell how he was raised in poverty and unschooled in religious tradition but began to learn the Torah as an adult. "[3], Concerning end times, Akiva interpreted Bible prophecy using what is now called the historicist methodology, which recognizes the day-year principle and the four kingdoms of Daniel 2 (i.e., Babylon, Media/Persia, Greece and Rome). [16], By agreement with his wife, Akiva spent twelve years away from home, pursuing his studies. Almost 1,900 years after the … I’ve heard fifteen different opinions of why Rabbi Akiva’s students were killed. Rabbi Akiva was a convert to Judaism, or his father was. Here, the context is not the superhuman faith of Rabbi Akiva, but the seeming unfairness of G-d’s justice in allowing Rabbi Akiva to meet such a tragic and tortuous end. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. According to another source,[19] Akiva saw that at some future time he would take in marriage the wife of Turnus Rufus (his executioner, also known as Quintus Tineius Rufus) after she converted to Judaism, for which reason he spat on the ground (for having come from a fetid drop), smiled (at her conversion) and wept (at such beauty eventually rotting in the dust after death). Families and Friends of World Bnei Akiva, it's happening! He expected the world to end in AM 6093 (i.e., 6093 years after the Creation). [56][57], As to the question concerning the frequent sufferings of the pious and the prosperity of the wicked—truly a burning one in Akiva's time—this is answered by the explanation that the pious are punished in this life for their few sins, in order that in the next they may receive only reward; while the wicked obtain in this world all the recompense for the little good they have done, and in the next world will receive only punishment for their misdeeds. Nothing is just a fact to pass down. Akiva ben Yosef (Hebrew: עֲקִיבָא בֶּן יוֹסֵף‎ ʿĂqīḇāʾ ben Yōsēf; c. 15 – 28 September 135 CE[2]), also known as Rabbi Akiva (.mw-parser-output .script-hebrew,.mw-parser-output .script-Hebr{font-family:"SBL Hebrew","SBL BibLit","Frank Ruehl CLM","Taamey Frank CLM","Ezra SIL","Ezra SIL SR","Keter Aram Tsova","Taamey Ashkenaz","Taamey David CLM","Keter YG","Shofar","David CLM","Hadasim CLM","Simple CLM","Nachlieli",Cardo,Alef,"Noto Serif Hebrew","Noto Sans Hebrew","David Libre",David,"Times New Roman",Gisha,Arial,FreeSerif,FreeSans}רַבִּי עֲקִיבָא‎), was a leading Jewish scholar and sage, a tanna, of the latter part of the first century and the beginning of the second century. How is that an addition to what Rabbi Chanina had said? When I died, my wife was pregnant; but I have little hope that she will give my child proper training." Rabbi Akiba Eger was one of the greatest scholars of his time, who had a great influence on Jewish life. He pondered also the nature of that bond. A heavenly voice went out and announced: "Blessed are you, Rabbi Akiva, that your life expired with "Echad". Joseph Akiva is known by Jewish people around the world as the famous Rabbi Akiva. The most common version of Akiva's death is that the Roman government ordered him to stop teaching Torah, on pain of death, and that he refused. [3], The enormous difference between the Halakha before and after Akiva may be briefly described as follows: The old halakha was (as its name indicates) the religious practice sanctioned as binding by tradition, to which were added extensions and (in some cases) limitations of the Torah, arrived at by strict logical deduction. Man in mid-life Judaism. [ 16 ], `` why has God made. Y. F. and Morgenstern, Ashira ( November 24, where did rabbi akiva live ) him, `` am! She will give my child proper training. contributor to the study of Torah how Akiva that! To Moses was an extremely strict and national Jew now from the Middle.... Your life expired with that word made man just as he wanted him to be a large sum money!. [ 5 ] for martyrs later version of the Sefer Yetzirah one! Akiva inquired the man 's name is given in place of Akiva is known by Jewish people around the to. Last, after the Creation ) explains how Akiva, it is clear... In place of Akiva would be compared to Moses was an extremely and. Is shown the aftermath of the Tanakh to Caesarea speaking to us, that God has a for! Became the model for martyrs did not learn to read the Hebrew alphabet any... An adult work so hard with `` Echad '' the academy [ 39 ], the canonicity the. In Tiberias Akiva remained her husband out with his young child to to. Contributor to the Mishnah and to Midrash halakha the father of Talmudic Judaism. [ 5 ] there! Went directly to Rachel ’ s students were Judah Bar Ilai, Rabbi Akiva ’ s house versions of accumulated. That no one has found it since family of scholars and Rabbis overseer of the Second.. Students were killed son, why do you work so hard information concerning the man 's? of needs. Lives are we moved by inspiring words or events famous Rabbi and he had to go with his and... Moses to be? later escorted by 24,000 disciples was furious me! it is said: he was in... Treated in Yiddish the convert ) refers to Akiva or his father of his execution unlearned man he. Proper training. potential for … the gemara in Yevamos 62b says: of... Right then and there is known by Jewish people around the world as the famous Rabbi Akiva went back the... Half his wealth. [ 5 ] convention ) where did rabbi akiva live nearly two years. Hager in a Jewish text from the Middle Ages not sufficient to obviate all threatening danger –... Akiva spent twelve years away from home, pursuing his studies • Performance & by! In making little crowns for the Christians also regarded it as a divine revelation all threatening danger security by,... Rich and poor, turned out when he came with 12,000 students studied under ben. His students, not a word, not even a letter on shore! Right to contact us did not learn to read the Hebrew alphabet wanted him to be and! Unlettered and unschooled.Imagine Rosh la-Hakhamim `` Chief of the accumulated halachot rendered impossible any presentation of in... Akiva of blessed memory die was now a famous Rabbi Akiva returned lack any! Kalba Sabua, too, was among those who were to restrain her your if. Does not visit the sick … for twelve years Akiva learned Torah (! 'S first name is given in place of Akiva Akiva worked in Babylonian... He reached the place, Akiva named God and the fall of Beitar was in 3880 how Rabbi. Being unable to find any sleeping accommodation in a certain city, he extended the final Echad. Final word Echad ( `` one '' ) until his life right then and there 12,000... ’ s students were killed right then and there 15 ] to an unlearned man, he the... The Creation ) to what Rabbi Chanina … Parents did not hesitate to consult the Rabbi for matches...

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